What Are Persimmons?

Hi, I am Ashley and I live in Turkey. Here’s what I know about Persimmons and here are a few pictures of a persimmon tree next to my home, They grow all throughout my neighborhood.

The life of a Persimmons

Persimmon pronounced [pur-SIHM-muhn] is an orange fruit that comes in a few varieties.

The most common persimmon in the states is Hachiya, also known as the Japanese persimmon. This variety is slightly elongated and has a bottled tip at the bottom.

The Fuyu persimmon is on the smaller side and has a tomato-like shape. When ripe both the skin and the flesh are bright orange. The skin is completely edible and delicious. Unlike the Hachiya, the Fuyu still holds a firm texture even when ripe. The skin is slightly thicker but still edible and sweet.

What do Persimmons Grow On?

Persimmons grow on trees. The leaves of the tree turn amber in color as they ripen. Some persimmon trees only have fruit with bare branches due to all of the leaves falling to the ground.

persimmon on trees

Which Season are Persimons Avaible?

It can be found in Europe and in the Middle East from October to February. It’s a winter fruit.

What Does a Persimmon Taste Like?

They have a neutral sweet taste like honey and have a similar texture to tomatoes. Some of the larger persimmons have large seeds, while the smaller varieties typically do not.

How to Choose a Persimmon

Choose one that is not too mushy. Slightly press the fruit in with your thumb to see its ripeness. Any ripe fruit should be stored in the refrigerator.

How to Eat Persimmons

Enjoy these delicious winter fruits in smoothies, made into jam, add as an all-natural sweetener to baked goods, and other desserts.

persimmons on trees

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What Are Persimmons?

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