Hi, I’m Ashley!

My husband, Ali, and I live on top of a mountain in Kocaeli, Türkiye (formerly Turkey), with our two girls. I moved to Türkiye for my husband’s sake and to allow him to rejoin his family after being separated from them for nearly ten years. All that said, being married to a Türk entails a lot of Mediterranean cooking ( and many, many dishes washed).

Living in Türkiye entails a number of duties. Firstly, eating Mediterranean meals is the foundation of all Turkish cuisine. Secondly,  we eat seasonally, locally, and in bulk due to the nature of the culture.

Finally, with these healthy eating habits, you’ll find whole food cravings that are family-friendly and easy to cook right here on the blog. I’m so excited to share my wholesome recipes with you and your loved ones. 


Ashley Altan