with Ashley Altan

Hi, I’m Ashley!

My husband, Ali, and I live in Sapanca, Türkiye (formerly Turkey), with our two daughters, Leyla and Sarah. For my husband’s sake, we moved to Türkiye to reunite him with his family after nearly a decade of separation.

Having said that, without a dought, being married to a Turk involves a lot of Mediterranean meals made and A LOT of dishes washed. I mean…have you ever seen a Turkish breakfast table before???

The Philosophy Behind My Food Choices

Living in Türkiye entails several duties. Firstly, eating Mediterranean meals is the foundation of all Turkish cuisine. Secondly,  we eat seasonally, locally, and in bulk due to the nature of the culture.

Meet the Family

The Twins

Meet the twins, Leyla and Sarah. They are everything you’d expect twins to be. Fun, giggly, and totally synchronized.

They speak both Turkish and English and have been enjoying their new journey living in Turkey. Their favorite food is Adana Kabab:)

Ashley & Ali

I can’t believe that we have been married for 10 years!

Quick facts:

  • We married after knowing each other for 3 months.
  • While we were married, we lived apart for 6 months.
  • One month after living together, we were pregnant with twins.

By the way, ALL of this happened while I was finishing up my bachelor’s degree and Ali still had 5 years left of his Ph.D.

My Favorite Thing About Turkey

Turkish pazaar

Turkish Pazzars pique my attention. It’s astonishing how folks (anyone) who cultivate vegetables or herbs in their backyard turn up to sell what they have. The ingredients are always fresh and in season. Even though there’s no organic label, it’s clear that these vegetables are all natural. You can taste the difference.

Finally, we are so happy to have you here. You’ll find whole food cravings that are family-friendly and easy to cook right here on the blog. I’m so excited to share my wholesome recipes with you and your loved ones. 


Ashley Altan